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GH-300 Automatic High Speed Cartoning Machine

Product Description

1,For new products to meet customer demand for automated packaging continues to increase,we need more stable and advanced packaging technology.In this regard Gaoger can help you solve the complicated problem of new products in rhe production process,can according to your needs beyond the expectations of tailored products and services.

2,GH-300 high speed automatic packing production line can meet various types of aluminum plate,plastic injection tray,bottles and other solid needs intelligent automatic production.

3,Highly efficent and stable servo control drive system

4,Operation performance and efficient produtct output.

5,The structure of modular design has the function of quick adjustment and replacement

6,Ergonomically designed height makes the operation more convenient

7,According to the cGMP design can meet the highest standards repuired for pharmaceutical prduction

Technical parameters
Maximum capacity ≤30 cartons/min  ≤ 300 vials/min
Carton size range (75-180)x(20-100)x(14-80)mm
Carton material 250-350g/m²

Compressed air pressure/Consumption 0.6Mpa   >=40NL/min
Leaflet material 50-70g/m²
Total Power 380V 50Hz 1.5Kw
Weight 4000kg