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DHC-250Z Medical Capsule/Tablet Blister Packing and Cartoning Packaging Line

Product Description

The packaging line can be widely used for packing different size of capsule ,tablet and solid products(Alu-PVC/Alu-Alu) blister packing and cartoning. Can be connected with weighing machine, strapping machine, carton packer and other equipment ,thus formed a complete automatic packaging production line.

Machine with GMP and cGMP standard,adopts PLC control system ,servo motor drive control.

All components that contact with medical are made of high anti-corrosive SS316. 

Equipped Camera detection, lack of material testing, to ensure the passing rate of finished products.

Uses the safety cover protection devices to ensure operator safety.

Machine can be separated to some parts,order easy move into the elevator and clean room.

Optional: Aluminum foil online printing system(HAPA Aluminum foil printer).

Technical parameters
Max Output:

≤100 cartons/min  

Max Forming area and depth: 245×100×35mm
Leaflet size : (100-260)×(100-170)mm
Carton material: 250-350g/m2
Carton Size: (60-230)×(20-140)×(14-80)mm
Leaflet material:
Air compressor 0.6-0.8/Mpa≥0.8m3/min
Power 380V 50HZ 8Kw(220V, 60Hz)
Weight  5000kg