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ZHW-180 Automatic Cartoning Machine

Product Description

This machine adopts the advanced transmission technology, communication with the encoder and PLC Programming by pneumatic control products and mechanical structure of each movement, by the inverter, to ensure the operation of the machine's speed, stability, reliability, making cartoning more precise, This machine has advanced structure, easy operation, automatic fault alarm display, and convenient maintenance. Machine by the paper folding machine and carton packaging machine composed of another product into the system and automatic transmission and a code device and the aircraft with a maximum operating speed of up to 180 cartones/min, normal production speed of 160 cartones/min or more. This product is suitable for bottles, tubes, blister, trays, bags of grain and other soft drugs cartons.

Folder carton chain of imported chain;

No product carton installations instructions no than: by product testing, control instructions, and drop 

cartonen to avoid empty packaging;

Automatic coding device;

Sealing carton system: The carton sealing, mechanical seal and hot melt sealing two ways;

Automatically removing the system: to avoid the empty carton with no instructions or no bottles and 

other causes of downtime;

The main drive overload shutdown protection;


The door opens automatically stop detector.

Technical parameters
Max output ≤180 cartons/min
Carton material (60-230)x(20-140)x(14-80)mm
Carton size 250~350g/m2
Power 380V 50Hz (220V 60 Hz)
Compressed air: 0.6 Mpa 40NL/min
Weight: 3000Kg